Instagram is a force to be reckoned with in the automotive world. Not only is there a tremendous amount of car-related content on the mobile platform, but that content is often spread far and wide and difficult to keep up with in terms of best practices, trends, and stories that disappear if you don’t watch them.

Car dealerships that understand social media management and have a sound Instagram strategy know that there is both an art and a science to success on Instagram. The science comes down to knowing when to post, the art is in what you post, what you say and how you engage with your audience.

Here are ten Mercedes-Benz dealerships that are killing the Instagram game one photo, video and story at a time.

#10 @mbtemecula

Temecula is a picturesque community in the hills of south Riverside County in southern California. Mercedes-Benz of Temecula’s Instagram channel wins points for their use of original content, and also for their use of color themes which create a strong impact upon landing on their page.

MB Ft Mitchell Social Media

#9 @mbftmitchell

Kentucky isn’t necessarily the first state that comes to mind when you think of luxury cars, but Mercedes-Benz of Fort Mitchell lands their dealership at slot number nine for their frequency of posting. With over 2,000 Instagram posts to date – most of which are taken right on their lot – the @mbftmitchell gang keep pumping out huge doses of Mercedes-Benz content.

Mercedes-Benz Portland Maine

#8 @primemotorcars

Representing the far northeast way up in Scarborough, ME, Prime Motor Cars is a small car dealer who’s using exclusive, original content to build their social media presence. While it can be challenging to shoot original content in extreme climates such as Maine’s, Prime takes advantage of the world-class showroom facilities at their disposal.

Mercedes-Benz of Minneapolis

#7 @feldmannimports

From the central region of the United States come Feldmann Imports in Minneapolis, Minnesota. This dealership makes the list of top Instagram social media management thanks to their relentless creation of local, original content that isn’t afraid to brave the elements and showcase their location, even when it’s buried under several inches of snow.

Mount Pleasant Social Media

#6 @mercedesbenzmtp

Mercedes-Benz of Mount Pleasant (just outside of Charleston, SC) understands that Instagram was made for beautiful photographs. To that end, there is not a single person in the more than 125 posts on their channel – just one hundred percent pure, Mercedes-Benz content.

Mercedes-Benz of Ontario Instagram

#5 @mbontario

Mercedes-Benz of Ontario is part of the Fletcher Jones company which is also home to the largest Mercedes-Benz dealers in the country. They have their own corporate content team which produces great content and manages their social media and Instagram accounts. @mbontario makes the list thanks to their original content themes which let visitors know they will get frequent value out of their following of the channel.

Instagram Mercedes-Benz

#4 @mbsouthorlando

Mercedes-Benz of South Orlando makes the list for their unique approach to their Instagram channel. Rather than relying completely on beauty shots, they make every middle photo of their channel’s grid a shoutout to their team or customers. For the other two of three they use stock photos provided by Mercedes-Benz corporate, but MB South Orlando is a great example of being resourceful in light of the fact that social media content can be challenging for car dealerships to produce on a regular basis.

Kansas City Mercedes Instagram

#3 @mercedesbenzkc

Mercedes-Benz of Kansas City ranks high on this list for two reasons. The first reason is that they are prolific, with close to 500 posts to their Instagram channel. The second and equally-important reason for their bronze finish here is that their content is local. They take cars out into their community and photograph them against local backdrops and landmarks which means that their local audience is more likely to engage with their channel.

Mercedes Benz Social Media Management

#2 @biemondvanwijk

One of only two non-US dealerships in this list, Biemond van Wijk is a Mercedes-Benz dealership in Aalmsmeer, The Netherlands. One look at their Instagram, and it’s obvious why they’re here in the almost-top spot. A combination of original and and expertly-edited stock photography and renderings, their channel is bursting with color and originality in every post.

Mercedes Benz Social Media Management

#1 @mboakville

The second non-US dealership in this list also takes the top spot. Mercedes-Benz of Oakville in Ontario, Canada, has created an Instagram channel that is a masterclass in creativity and output. Photos that are seasonal – but would look at home in life size on any wall in the office or man cave – are the hallmark of MB Oakville’s channel. With over 2,800 posts to date, and an Instagram strategy that is laser-focused on the excitement and luxury that are the Mercedes-Benz brand, it is no wonder that @mboakville is now playing to an audience of over 180,000 on Instagram.

With over 380 Mercedes-Benz dealerships in the US alone, it’s possible we overlooked some great Instagram channels.

Did we miss a great Mercedes-Benz dealership’s Instagram? Let us know in the comments below.

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