Social Media BDC

We create and manage content on social media, ACTIVELY starting and engaging in conversations to generate leads for your dealership.

Social Media BDC for Car Dealerships

We turn your social media accounts into DIGITAL SALES CHANNELS that sell your cars on social media.

Here are a few differences between car.media’s social selling approach and other “social media management services.”

Custom Content

It all starts with content. The content we create for dealerships is orders of magnitude more engaging than the OEM photos supplied to every dealer. These photos are exclusive to your dealership. They start conversations that convert.

Comments & Conversations

We respond to every comment on every photo we post. We provide specific details about models, trim levels or individual VINs, just like a good staff salesperson should.

CRM & Conversion

When the conversation gets to a point of needing a salesperson, we collect all the lead information and notes, push into your CRM and create a warm handoff to your team.



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