Dealership Events

Events are essential to building a local base of evangelists and enthusiasts who will refer friends and direct business your way. You’ve already invested millions of dollars in your showroom, now showcase your dealership and your inventory. Besides bringing dozens (or even hundreds) of people into your showroom, events are a great way to reward and galvanize your team toward a goal.

Create Local Evangelists with Dealership Events

car.media produces dozens of luxury dealership events every year. From planning and design to attendance incentives and professional content for social media, we handle everything so your dealership’s team can focus on meeting people and selling cars.

Conquest Events

Through our partnership with Polk, we can even conquest owners of competitive makes and models, inviting them into events at your dealership where your team and vehicles can shine.

Social Media Extends Reach

Extend the reach of your dealership event by continuing the party on social media. For each event, car.media not only encourages the attendees’ use of social media with proper @ and # tags, but also brings along a professional photographer to create content that the dealership can use on its own social media channels in the days and weeks following the event.

Your dealership supplies the vehicles, sales team and venue, and we bring everything else, including attendees, communications, gift bags and content. Put smiles on the faces of your team and your customers with dealership events that leave a lasting, positive impression on the people in your community.

Make a Lasting Impression In Your Local Community

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