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car.media licenses the world’s greatest automotive content to authorized licensees around the world. Every week we push out the latest content submissions to our network of clients who include car dealerships, automotive brands and OEMs. In turn, our subscribers license content for their respective brands and use it in their digital presence, marketing and advertising. Photographers earn commission with every download and payments are made by Paypal!


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Credit Is Good, But Cash Is Better

Do you give your content away on Instagram by settling for an ‘@’ photo credit? Have you ever seen an ad on TV that starts out with, “This ad was created for FREE by Some Really Cool Agency?”┬áNo? That’s because great content isn’t free!

We whole-heartedly believe in the value of great content, and we reward content creators with a greater share of the revenue as they sell more on the platform. Our payment threshold is ultra-low at just $20, meaning we don’t hold on to it and you get your money quickly. View the current Contributor Levels below.


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Put Your Photos on the Map

Encourage the discovery of your content by adding a location when you upload your content. A beautiful image is a beautiful image, but tagging it with a location can make it even more useful to a retail automotive brand as it increases its relevance in the local market.

Adding a location to a photo increases its visibility to licensees such as car dealerships in the market where the photo was taken.


You Own Your Content

When you “sell” your content on car.media, you’re only licensing it to our customers for their specific use and all licenses are non-exclusive. You still own 100% of your copyright and content, we just help you monetize it!

The DO’s and DON’Ts of Content


    Have only one car brand in the image
    Provide an accurate TITLE
    Provide an accurate LOCATION
    Provide accurate KEYWORDS
    Provide a useful DESCRIPTION
    Provide any relevant ‘@‘ and ‘#‘ tags in the description


    Show PEOPLE
    Show PLATE numbers

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