AMG Drive of a Lifetime 2019

Developing brand evangelism for our clients is a passion of ours and it makes good business sense for everyone. It’s a fact that bears repeating for those who don’t know: When you buy a new, hand-built AMG vehicle, you get a free day at the AMG Driving Academy. This is one of the most-rewarding ownership […]

Accelerating Change with AMG Thousand Oaks

Maverick females in the automotive industry are hard to find. But we found six of them and created an event to celebrate and learn. Accelerating Change is an organization dedicated to advancing opportunities for women in motorsports. We first met their founder, Christina Nielsen, when we developed a brand ambassadorship for her with AMG Thousand […]

Fototag at AMG Thousand Oaks

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Accelerating Change – All-Female Track Day

It’s obvious to even the casual observer that motorsports is dominated by men. It was only as recently as 2005 when Danica Patrick made history as the first female to compete in an IndyCar race. Fast forward 14 years, and objectively, not much has changed. Enter Accelerating Change. Founded by two-time and first-ever-female IMSA racing […]

5 Things Car Dealerships Do Wrong on Social Media

Not everyone is a social media expert. Indeed, the rate of change and new platforms is so fast in social media that without a singular focus on the industry, it’s virtually guaranteed that one won’t be able to keep up. Car dealers face a few unique challenges in their use of social media, not the […]