AMG Dealership Events

AMG Thousand Oaks Powers North Ranch & Lake Sherwood

Along with local media publisher, N2 Publishing, car.media brought together local residents of luxury communities to celebrate the power and performance of the AMG brand.

Dealership events are a great way to develop enthusiasm amongst not only local residents, but also within the dealership’s own team. Our showroom preview event for AMG Thousand Oaks was a great example of this, bringing local residents from UHNW households into a brand new, first-of-its-kind, luxury destination to experience the best of the AMG brand.

The result? Many current and new customers were entertained and enthralled with an evening agenda that included the unveiling of a limited edition S Class Coupe and marketing of Mercedes-Benz’s PA1 custom manufacturing program.

AMG factory representatives and professional instructors from AMG Driving Academy were on hand to present and answer any questions about the brand.

Social media poured out from attendees onto their own social media channels with tags and shoutouts to the dealership specifically.