AMG Drive of a Lifetime 2019

Developing brand evangelism for our clients is a passion of ours and it makes good business sense for everyone.

It’s a fact that bears repeating for those who don’t know: When you buy a new, hand-built AMG vehicle, you get a free day at the AMG Driving Academy. This is one of the most-rewarding ownership experiences provided by any manufacturer, and it’s an absolute bucket list item for car enthusiasts of all skill levels.

2019 marked our third year of putting on the AMG Drive of a Lifetime to Laguna Seca in Monterey. This epic, two-day event takes AMG Thousand Oaks clients up Pacific Coast Highway and the 101 to Monterey, CA where we enjoy first-class meals and accommodations before our full day at the racetrack.

Check out the full gallery from the AMG Drive of a Lifetime Class 2 over on the AMG Thousand Oaks Facebook page here.